February 2016

NEW Piezoelectrics and Audio Application Notes!

Expand the Versatility of an FRA with Three New App Notes featuring Piezoelectric Impedance, Audio Amplifier, Speaker and Crossover measurements. Visit the members page and log in to get them!

Piezoelectric resonance

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September 2014

5.04 Software Release offers Amplitude Editor!

Version 5.04 Software features Graphical Amplitude Profile Editing for precise and repeatable control of the output stimulus signal over the entire test range. Visit the members page and log in to access the new software!

SA Series Frequency Response Analyzer Amplitude Profile

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August 2014

New LISN Application Note!

This new application note shows how to test and verify Line Impedance Stabilization Networks (LISN).

SA Series Frequency Response Analyzer LISN members page

What is a Frequency Response Analyzer or a Vector Network Analyzer ?

A Frequency Response Analyzer (FRA), also know as a Vector Network Analyzer, is an important instrument for measuring the magnitude and phase response of an electronic system. It can also provide valuable insight about the impedance of components such as capacitors, inductors, transformers and piezoelectric devices by measuring across a broad frequency range.

The SA Series Frequency Response Analyzer  is a full featured Vector Network Analyzer (VNA), combining high performance DSP technology, USB connectivity and application software. The intuitive graphical user interface allows quick setup as well as advanced features for special requirements.

Four FRA models, the SA-01, SA-10, SA-40 and SA-100, cover the 0.1 Hz to 100 Mhz range, to help you with your most demanding applications including audio and switching power supply stability analysis, to high frequency amplifier and component verification.

Signal Chain and Amplifier Modules

The Signal Chain and Amplifier Modules are ideal for interfacing sensors or industrial electronics to data acquisition systems. The PA-100 offers high input impedance, gain and bandwidth and is a superb scope probe pre-amp, with 50 ohm output impedance. The ISO-20 offers galvanic isolation to help reduce noise and  ground currents, with an industrial voltage range of +/-10V.

Signal Injector, Probe and Test Cables

Signal Injectors  like the ITP-10 and XA-40, enable power system measurements such as bode plots, phase margin, gain margin and output impedance.

Standard Probes and Cable Accessories  can be used with the analyzer to measure amplifier and filter transfer functions, group delay, PSRR, impedance, capacitors, inductors, transformers and much more.

compact, rugged and lightweight design make all of our products at home, in the lab or in the field.

Design Services

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