Amplifier & Signal Chain Products
ISO-20 1V/V Differential Isolation Amplifier
Differential Isolation Amplifier Model ISO-20 1v/v

Featuring the industrial voltage range of +/- 10 volts and galvanic isolation, the ISO-20-1V/V is an ideal amplifier solution to eliminate ground loops and leakage paths between sensors and instrumentation while providing:

     - Worry free connection to industrial sensors
     - Speedy setup with standard connectors
     - Flexibility in field testing
     - Quick evaluation of signal/sensors

The high accuracy of the ISO-20-1V/V assures signal integrity while providing complete isolation between input and output.

The ISO-20-1V/V requires an external +15 VDC regulated power supply or our PC-15-BP15, 15 Volt Bi-Polar Power Converter, available separately.

PA-100 Signal Amplifier/Probe Adapter

Oscilloscope Probe Amplifier and signal conditioner buffer., PA-100

The PA-100 is a wide band oscilloscope probe amplifier and general purpose signal conditioner featuring:

     - 1Meg Ω||12pf, input impedance (just like an oscilloscope),
     - Fixed gain of 10 V/V,
     - DC-100 Mhz bandwidth,
     - 50 Ω output drive capability.

The PA-100 can:

     - Boost signal loss from 10x passive probes, maintaining high bandwidth,
     - Drive 50Ω instruments like spectrum analzyers (EMC and noise probing),
     - Buffer high impedance signals,
     - Amplify and condtion signals for data acquisition systems,
     - Pre-amplify small signals for evaluating sensors,
     - Drive 50 Ω BNC cables, and more...

The PA-100 is flexible enough for use in the lab, in the field or as a permanent component integrated into a test or data acquisition system signal chain.

The PA-100 requires an external +/- 15 VDC regulated power supply or our PC-15-BP15, 15 Volt Bi-Polar Power Converter, available separately.

PC-15-BP15 Bi-Polar Power Converter
Signal Chain Bi Polar Power Converter Model PC-15-BP15

The PC-15-BP15 is an isolated power converter specifically designed to create bi-polar voltages from a single ended supply voltage.

Uses include:

     - Power for Core Technology Group Signal Chain Products
     - Flexible bi-polar voltage converter using low cost connectors
     - Driving multiple devices
     - Industrial +/- 10 volt power source

The PC-15-BP15 can provide isolated, bi-polar output voltages making it a versitile, portable power source for just about any sensor or signal conditioning circuit.