March 2014

Signal Chain In Line Amplifiers and Power Supply

New Updated Data Sheets!

Check out the newly revised transformer and amplifier product data sheets. In addition to product specs, the new data sheets contain detailed illustrations and application information.

March 2014

SA Series Frequency Response Analyzer Bode Plot Injector

New Product Announcement. ITP-10 Integrated Injector!

Core Technology Group introduces the all-in-one, ITP-10 Integrated Transformer and Probe Signal Injector to simplify Bode plot measurements.

June 2012

SA Series Frequency Response Analyzer Software

New SA-100M and RA-100M Frequency Response Analyzer!!

This new addition to the Core product line expands the frequency bandwidth up to 100 Mhz. The all new Circuit Sleuth SA and RA Series, combines the latest in Patent Pending high performance DSP technology, highly efficient and elegant design and intuitive, yet powerful, Windows™ compatible "Virtual Front Panel" control and reporting software, to provide a compact, accurate, and cost effective wide-band frequency and impedance measurement tool.

January 2012

SA Series Frequency Response Analyzer Software

New Help Feature Added to Beta Software!

Our Beta Software has been upgraded to inculde a relieable help guide that assists is familiarizing the user with the software and hardware. It is accessable through the new "Help" drop down on the file menu.

November 2011

SA Series Frequency Response Analyzer Software

New Beta Software Demo Available!

New Demo Software is available to download for all members:

-Explore the new user interface!
-Includes a test waveform to interact with.

Click here to try it now!

September 2011

Isolation Amplifier Signal Chain and Oscilloscope Probe Adapter

New 2 New Amplifiers Now Available!!

2 High quality models available:

-ISO-20-1v/v Differential Isolation Amplifier.
-PA-100 Probe Adapter.

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September 2011

New Log-in Functionality added to the site!

Becoming a member enables you to access:

-Application notes.
-Data Sheets.
-Product pricing.
-Google search.
-Links to other helpful websites.

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February 2009

RA Series Frequency Response Analyzer

Product Announcement: Introducing the RA-Series Frequency Response / Impedance Analyzer!

Bench-top or Rack Mountable plus other New Features!

-1U High Form Factor.
-Front Panel Manual Amplitude Adjustment Control.

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