SA RA Series Frequency Response Analyzer

The Core Technology Group, RA and SA-Series 01, 10, 40 & 100, are full featured Frequency Response / Network / Impedance Analyzer. Combining the latest in high performance DSP technology, highly efficient and elegant design and intuitive, yet powerful Windows compatible control and reporting software, the analyzer enables quick, accurate and cost effective testing of a multitude of electronic circuits. Typical applications include filters, motor controllers, audio amplifiers, RF amplifiers, power supplies - any circuit where it is important to characterize frequency response.

Isolation Amplifier Signal Chain and Oscilloscope Probe Adapter

General purpose signal amplifiers featuring isolation, high input impedance, and high output capability. Perfect for driving low input impedance instruments.

SA Series Frequency Response Analyzer Software

The Circuit Sleuth API Tool Kit routines offer an alternative solution for users who prefer writing or need to write their own control programs.

Injection Transformer bode box and signal injector

The XA-40 transformer and the ITP-10 Integrated Transformer and Probe Signal Injector, provides complete isolation from the signal source, making it easy to inject test signals into the device under test. Ideal for control system measurements and Bode plots.

Oscilloscope probes and test cables

We offer a variety of accessories for our analyzer. We carry probes, power supplies, cables, terminators, and even a carrying case. Feel free to browse our selection.